Dialogue on Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

May 2017. Athens, Greece The Hollings Center supported a meeting of experts on Eastern Mediterranean[1] security, organized in Athens by the Center for International and European Studies at Kadir Has University, in May 2017. Participants included academics, researchers, and professionals of non-governmental organizations from Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. The discussions in this…

Catherine Long on U.S. Engagement Models in the Greater Horn of Africa

Independent researcher and consultant Catherine Long discusses the various models of engagement that recent U.S. administrations have pursued in relations with the Greater Horn of Africa. For example, she discusses the transition from U.S. aid having good governance conditionality to inclusion of trade goals to newer programs focused on specific health and infrastructure projects.  

Workable Solutions to Radicalization

Numerous studies and efforts seek to understand the conditions in which Da’esh ideology and message spreads, in other words the “root causes” of extremism. Despite these efforts, there is room for more dialogue regarding how communities, civil society, and state apparatuses deal with these root causes. Looking at community-based, local solutions to radicalization as well…

Video: The Middle East Water-Energy-Food Nexus

On November 16, 2016, the Hollings Center for International Dialogue held a panel entitled, “The Middle East Water-Energy-Food Nexus.” The Middle East is faced with a set of complex interrelated problems related to the water, energy, and food sectors. Understanding the dynamics and linkages between these three sectors is needed to understand potential opportunities, trade-offs,…

Mai E’leimat on Grassroots Efforts for Counter-Radicalization

Mai E’leimat, Director of Research and Fundraising for Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development, discusses the techniques used by her organization to promote counter-radicalization and offers advice for other organizations looking to accomplish similar goals. She also specifically discusses programs aimed at women.