Podcast: Joshua Kucera

Joshua Kucera, a freelance journalist, gives input on the effectiveness of the U.S. New Silk Road strategy, offering a comparison to Chinese efforts towards regional integration in Central Asia.

Podcast: Shairbek Juraev

Shairbek Juraev, a political expert from Kyrgyzstan, explores barriers to regional cooperation both within Central Asia and in the broader region of South Asia.

Podcast: Farrukh Irnazarov

Farrukh Irnazarov, country director for the Central Asian Development Institute, gives input into the perspective of Central Asian republics and their views on a New Silk Road Strategy, offering recommendations to the US and other governments hoping to better integrate Afghanistan into Central Asia.

High and Dry: Addressing the Middle East Water Challenge

Often overshadowed by its political turmoil, the Middle East faces increasing environmental and resource-based challenges, such as depleting water resources. Recognizing the need to find possible collective solutions, the Hollings Center and the Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies at the University of Central Florida convened a conference to address challenges…

The Link Between Water and Food Security in the Middle East

Dr. Mutlu Özdoğan, of the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Sezin İba Gürsoy, or Kirklareli University, discuss the link between water issues in the Middle East and long-term food security. They provide examples of example partnerships on food and water security and discuss how the region could better utilize data on water management to improve…

Water Security in the Middle East

Dr. Scott Moore discusses why water is such a political issue and what conditions are necessary to resolving water conflict in the Middle East. He also offers insight on Asia as a model for water management in the Middle East and envisions the future of international cooperation on such issues.     This video was…

The Status of Desalination Technology in the Middle East

Dr. Hassan Arafat of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology discusses the state of desalination in the Middle East, including problems of using this technology and recent developments in the field of desalination.     This video was produced with support from the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Program for Strategic Research and Studies at…

Young Professionals in International Relations Launch

The Hollings Center for International Dialogue launched its Young Professionals in International Relations (YPIR) Network on June 16, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey with an event featuring guest speaker Steven Cook, Hasib J. Sabbagh Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. The event brought together 30 young professionals representing academia, the…

Israel’s Role in U.S.-Turkey Relations

Israel Institute’s Michael Koplow weighs in on the history of Israel-Turkey relations and potential opportunities for increased cooperation between Israel and Turkey. He also discusses the U.S. role as a “present partner” in that relationship and the effects on each nations’ interactions with the US.