imPACT Conference Highlights

The Social Innovation Lab (SIL) in partnership with AGHAEZ professional services, hosted the impACT Islamabad International Conference, a three day conference that provided an open platform to budding social entrepreneurs from Afghanistan and Pakistan to learn from each other and co-design projects with traditional stakeholders to support the attainment of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)….

Bridging the Business Gaps between Pakistan and Afghanistan

The business communities of Pakistan and Afghanistan make it one of the most dynamic regions for economic development and prosperity. However, the local business community and young business entrepreneurs of the region still lack adequate opportunities to endow their share in the development of the Pak-Afghan relationship. The need of the hour is to motivate,…

Amazing Pakistan : Amazing Afghanistan

The Hollings Center supported a photography competition and two exhibitions held in Lahore, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan, entitled Amazing Pakistan : Amazing Afghanistan, through a grant received by the United States Embassy Kabul. The project aimed to build trust, mutual respect, and to promote commonalities between Pakistan and Afghanistan through the medium of photography. Photographers…

Video: Timor Sharan on the Special Immigration Visa Program for Afghans

Timor Sharan explains the background of the Special Immigration Visa Program and the research project he completed as part of the Hollings Center Small Grants program with his colleague Noah Coburn. He offers insight into the effects of the program on Afghanistan, recommendations from the report and lessons that can be learned for future programming….