Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin on U.S.-ASEAN Economic Relations

Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin discuss why the ASEAN region is important to the private sector and U.S. investment success stories. Desi Indrimayutri is the US-ASEAN Business Council’s managing representative in Indonesia and its senior liaison with the Indonesian Government, the ASEAN Secretariat, the U.S. diplomatic presence in Indonesia and other key high-level stakeholders. The…

Courtney Weatherby on Non-traditional Security Issues in Southeast Asia

What are the main non-traditional security issues facing Southeast Asia today, and how can the US play a constructive role in helping countries in this region deal with these issues? Analyst Courtney Weatherby explains. Courtney Weatherby is a research analyst with the Southeast Asia and the Energy, Water, & Sustainability programs at the Stimson Center….

Christine Susanna Tjhin on China’s Engagement in Southeast Asia

What is the nature of China’s engagement in Southeast Asia? Is there a willingness on behalf of China to cooperate with the US on certain areas and issues? Christine Susana Tjhin explains further. Christine Susanna Tjhin is senior researcher at the Department of International Relations, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia. She is also…

Jeannie Sowers on Food Security Challenges and Practices in the MENA Region

Jeannie Sowers, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire, discusses some of the obstacles to food security in the Middle East & North Africa, particularly the challenge of the inclusion of rural populations in food security strategies. She further highlights good examples from the region.