Video: Breaking the Cycle: Creating Solutions for Water Security in the Middle East

On January 21, 2015, the Hollings Center for International Dialogue held a panel entitled, “Breaking the Cycle: Creating Solutions for Water Security in the Middle East.” Event Description: Often overshadowed by political turmoil, the Middle East faces increasing environmental and resource-based challenges, notably its depleting water resources. Overuse enabled by government subsidies, growing demographic challenges…

Cedomir Nestorovic on CSR in Southeast Asia

Cedomir Nestorovic discusses CSR in the Muslim-majority countries of Southeast Asia, exploring the effects of Chinese policy on this region and comparing the varying CSR practices of Asia, the Middle East and the West.  

Shadab Fareeduddin on CSR and Islam

Shadab Fareeduddin, a CSR expert from Pakistan, discusses CSR in an Islamic context, answering the question of whether or not CSR and Islam can coexist.  

Corporate Social Responsibility in Islam Inaugural Conference

Can Islam be a motivation for corporate social responsibility (CSR)? Do Islamic corporations have a stronger morally obligation to act responsibly? Is CSR a product that the private sector uses as a PR tool or is it a value that firms must embrace to be sustainable? To answer these and other questions, the Hollings Center…