Timor Sharan on Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy

Timor Sharan, Program Management Unit Director at The Asia Foundation, discusses Afghanistan’s foreign policy in light of last year’s presidential election. He specifically examines Afghanistan’s experiences with neutrality versus alignments with regional or international powers. He also discusses how the upcoming loya jirga and 2016 parliamentary elections could affect power sharing in Afghanistan.  

Carter Malkasian on U.S. Role in Afghanistan

Dr. Carter Malkasian, Principal Research Scientist at CNA Corporation, discusses the U.S. role in Afghanistan’s transformation and explores how Afghans perceive changes in the Afghan-U.S. relationship.  

Rabia Chaudry on American Muslim Identity

Rabia Chaudry, National Security Fellow at the New America Foundation and President of Safe Nation Collaborative, discusses changes to American Muslim identity following 9/11. She discusses how the rapid need for American Muslims to answer for broad aspects of Islam created the “professional Muslim” and offers ideas for how Muslims in American can reclaim personal…

Ahmed Younis on Reform Among American Muslims

Ahmed Younis, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Chapman University and International Ambassador for Global Ethics and Social Justice for the Paulo Freire Democratic Project, explains his view of the need for reform among Muslim Americans. Specifically, he discusses the need for increased religious literacy to create a modern, just Muslim identity amongst youth and the concept…

Key Strategies in Countering Extremism: Experiences from the MENA Region and Pakistan

April 30, 2015 Kadir Has University Manal Omar, Acting Vice President of the United States Institute of Peace and Shafqat Mehmood, Co-founder and Chairman of Paiman Alumni Trust gave a talk at Kadir Has University entitled Key Strategies in Countering Extremism: Experiences from the MENA Region and Pakistan. The event was co-organized by the Hollings…