The Hollings Center initiative on Collective & Human Security evaluates critical security issues, ranging from the challenges of extremism to regional conflict. The initiative aims to find proactive and positive solutions to these challenges.





Reconciling Deep Reforms with Political Pluralism

The Hollings Center for International Dialogue embarked on a project in 2017 entitled ‘Political Pluralism in the Middle East and North Africa’. To better understand how the next generation in the Middle East and North Africa are thinking about and engaging questions around political pluralism, the project brought together a group of civil society leaders,…

Successful Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Programs

Khaled Hijab discusses what makes economic empowerment and entrepreneurship programs for marginalized communities successful. Khaled E. Hijab is the executive director of Tech Tribes. Through his expertise in social innovation and information and communications technologies for development (ICT4D), Khaled connects youth-focused NGOs across the region with technology tools useful for advancing their work, increasing civic…

Cooperatives for Socioeconomic Integration Programs

Maru Bautista discusses how worker cooperatives could be utilized as an alternative business model to promote the socioeconomic integration of marginalized communities. Maru Bautista is the director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York. For the past five years, she has worked with her team and the…

Courtney Weatherby on Non-traditional Security Issues in Southeast Asia

What are the main non-traditional security issues facing Southeast Asia today, and how can the US play a constructive role in helping countries in this region deal with these issues? Analyst Courtney Weatherby explains. Courtney Weatherby is a research analyst with the Southeast Asia and the Energy, Water, & Sustainability programs at the Stimson Center….

Mai E’leimat on Grassroots Efforts for Counter-Radicalization

Mai E’leimat, Director of Research and Fundraising for Al Hayat Center for Civil Society Development, discusses the techniques used by her organization to promote counter-radicalization and offers advice for other organizations looking to accomplish similar goals. She also specifically discusses programs aimed at women.  


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