The Hollings Center’s series on Responsible Business explores economic factors and business initiatives that can be used to create more productive and peaceful communities. The series explores the detailed links between the US and Muslim-majority nations in the global economy.





Cooperatives for Socioeconomic Integration Programs

Maru Bautista discusses how worker cooperatives could be utilized as an alternative business model to promote the socioeconomic integration of marginalized communities. Maru Bautista is the director of the Cooperative Development Program at the Center for Family Life in Brooklyn, New York. For the past five years, she has worked with her team and the…

Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin on U.S.-ASEAN Economic Relations

Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin discuss why the ASEAN region is important to the private sector and U.S. investment success stories. Desi Indrimayutri is the US-ASEAN Business Council’s managing representative in Indonesia and its senior liaison with the Indonesian Government, the ASEAN Secretariat, the U.S. diplomatic presence in Indonesia and other key high-level stakeholders. The…

Charlotte Karam on Engagement of Business Stakeholders for Peace

Charlotte Karam, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Associate Dean of Programs, Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut discusses the strategies used to bring together business stakeholders for the promotion of peace. For example, in some areas, businesses are starting to look beyond traditional customer relationships and are engaging other groups…

Donata Garrasi on Attracting Business and Investment in Areas Affected by Conflict

Donata Garrasi, Managing Partner for Europe Conflict and Security (ECAS) Consulting outlines what needs to happen for business to invest in conflict and post-conflict areas. She notes the importance of having available, transparent information as well as mechanisms to allow investors to enter and for businesses to mitigate risk. She highlights examples of how this…

Robert E. McNulty on the Role of Private Enterprise in Contributing to Peace

Robert E. McNulty Co-Chair of PRME Business for Peace Working Group and Program Director of the Hoffman Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University discusses the potential of private enterprise in improving social issues and contributing to peace. He highlights how businesses can be engines of social transformation and outlines several social needs requiring response….


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