A Look Back at the 2008 U.S.-Iran Higher Education Dialogue

September 2012. Diplomatic tension between Iran and the United States make it easy to forget the cautious optimism that characterized relations in 2008. When President Obama took office, one of his foreign policy aims was re-engaging with Iran. During this period, the Hollings Center, with the University of Birmingham, organized a conference entitled, “American Studies…

Istanbul, Turkey skyline.

Forum on Turkey’s Economy: A Twitter-Fueled Report

May 2012. Read highlights from the Hollings Center and University of Washington’s Jackson School’s event, “The U.S.-Turkey Commercial Relationship: A Growing Partnership,” as reported on Twitter. [su_document url=”https://hollingscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Tweet-report-HC-UW-Forum-on-Turkey.pdf”]

Quality Assurance in Higher Education: An International Dialogue on Progress and Challenges

October 2009. This dialogue focused on the most recent trends and innovations in evaluation and quality assurance.  The dialogue examined quality assurance from different national, cultural, and institutional perspectives, bringing together university presidents, government officials, and higher education experts from the Middle East and North Africa, Southwest and Southeast Asia, Turkey and the United States….

Fundamentals of Governance in Afghanistan

June 2009 Dialogue participants assessed the relationship across governance, security and development in Afghanistan.  Experts from Afghanistan, Europe and the United States examined Afghanistan’s hybrid legal systems, its central, provincial and local governance institutions, historical and cultural factors affecting governance and divergent understandings of “good governance” by Afghans and the international community. [su_document url=”https://hollingscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/06-2009_Fundamentals_of_Governance_in_Afghanistan-Short_Report.pdf”]

Afghanistan’s Other Neighbors: Iran, Central Asia and China

July 2008 This dialogue conference focused on Afghanistan’s significant economic, cultural, and political relationships with its neighbors in the region beyond Pakistan.  Scholars, experts, and policy professionals from Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republics, the European Union, Turkey and the United States addressed Afghanistan’s impact on its neighbors, the significance of trans-national ethnicities and the effects…

Expanding U.S. Study Abroad in the Arab World: Challenges and Opportunities

March 2008 Held at Al-Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco, in cooperation with the Institute of International Education (IIE), this dialogue provided new perspectives to one of the fastest-growing areas of higher education.  Participants discussed how to create more diverse study abroad programs throughout the Arab world, enhance the capacity of Arab universities to host U.S….

The Durand Line: History, Consequences, and Future

July 2007 The Durand Line, the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, has long been the site of more conflict than cooperation.  This dialogue brought together leading scholars, policy experts, and officials from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States and several European countries to focus on the political and legal history of the boundary, its social and…

Independent Universities in the Muslim World: A New Approach, Part II

January 2007 Building on the December 2005 conference, participants in this second dialogue delved deeper into topics relating to curricula, standards of excellence, philanthropy, best practices, and international cooperation between independent universities.  Participants included presidents and administrators of higher education institutions in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Saudi…

The Future of the Caspian Sea

May 2006 Unresolved questions of boundaries and legal regimes hinder ties between states bordering the Caspian Sea.  Dialogue participants explored potential areas of collaboration, addressing pollution, protecting fisheries and promoting maritime trade. In cooperation with the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) in Austria, the Hollings Center convened the conference with representatives of four…

Meeting of Middle Eastern Television Professionals

February 2006 Television plays a powerful role, reflecting and shaping public opinion in the Middle East.  With support from the Hollings Center, participants in this Search for Common Ground dialogue analyzed trends in Middle Eastern television, weighed the challenges of covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and discussed whether television programming can promote peace in the region. …