Episode 2: Megacities – Picking Up Where We Left Off



Our dialogue in July 2019 on Megacities covered the plethora of issues facing the world’s largest cities, such as energy and climate efficiency, the water-energy-food nexus, balancing urban heritage preservation with rejuvenation, and efficient and participatory urban planning. In this episode of our podcast, two participants from that dialogue, Elvan Erginli and Alex Armlovich, pick up where we left off on the importance of data-based policy making in two megacities: Istanbul and New York City.


Elvan Erginli is a project coordinator at the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation. She received a PhD in Urban Planning from Istanbul Technical University with a dissertation entitled ‘Migrants’ local and nonlocal social networks’. She focuses on urban inequality, efficient provision of urban services, data-based decision-making, housing and public transportation. 

Alex Armlovich is a Senior Research Associate at New York’s Citizens Budget Commission. His research focuses on transportation, infrastructure, and urban public policy. Prior to CBC, he worked as a Taubman Summer Fellow in capital planning at the MBTA and as a state and local policy fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Alex holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from University of Rochester and a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.



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