Youth, Social Entrepreneurship, and Sustainable Development Project

 Youth continue to be largely ignored by those in power. Rather than viewing them as important human capital, youth are often viewed with suspicion because they frequently challenge traditional norms and ways of doing things in society. These authorities fail to comprehend that putting youth to work would not only enhance economic growth, but…

Debating International Relations in Central Asia

Earlier in 2020, the Hollings Center through its small grants program, co-sponsored a project with Crossroads Central Asia and experts Shairbek Dzhuraev and Eric McGlinchery. The purpose of the project was to contribute to an informed debate and dialogue on international relations in Central Asia, with a particular focus on evolving modes of engagement of…

Get Started: A Video Series for Educators Preparing to Teach Online

For over twenty years early adopters of eLearning spent time and energy trying to convince administrators, quality standards committees, funding agencies, and academic staff of the merits of digital education and the necessity of the education industry to pioneer new approaches to teaching and learning to meet the needs of learners in the 21st century….

Training on Hydro-Climatic Modeling – Kabul River Basin

The unique hydrology of the Kabul River Basin, with both Afghanistan and Pakistan being simultaneously upstream and downstream neighbors, raises the potential for increased conflict and mistrust between the two countries if development of the basin is performed unilaterally. The basin is highly vulnerable and adaptation requires authentic climate and hydrological data. However, majority of…

Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal

In order to expand mutual peace, prosperity and overcome barriers to trade Hollings Center for International Dialogue grantees from Pakistan and Afghanistan launched an Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal (APTP). The Project aimed at supporting and growing bilateral trade and economic links and between Pakistan and Afghanistan.  The trade portal web site can be found at:….