Christine Susanna Tjhin on China’s Engagement in Southeast Asia

Categories: Regional Policy Video

What is the nature of China’s engagement in Southeast Asia? Is there a willingness on behalf of China to cooperate with the US on certain areas and issues? Christine Susana Tjhin explains further.

Christine Susanna Tjhin is senior researcher at the Department of International Relations, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia. She is also the convener of CSIS China Study Group and her research interests include China’s politics and foreign policy, Sino-Indonesian comprehensive strategic partnership, and the role of local governments in bilateral relations. Prior to joining CSIS, Christine was program officer at the Indonesian Pluralism Institute (IPI) from 2002-2003, during which she focused on pluralism, peace building and civil society empowerment. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in management from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, and master’s degree in East Asian studies from the Australian National University (ANU). She was a visiting fellow and undertook a doctoral program at Peking University.

Author: Michael Carroll