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CEBC MENA Podcast: Automated Vehicles - How, Why, and When

 CEBC MENA · S2. E6. Automated Vehicles: Why, How and When? From Dubai to Minnesota This episode hosts Kristin R. White, Executive Director ǀ Connected & Automated Vehicles Office (CAV-X) and Dr. Ismail Zohdy, Programme Manager of Self-Driving Transport Strategy at Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA). In this episode of the CEBC MENA […]

CEBC MENA Podcast: Mobility Behavior in MENA & the USA

 In this episode, Dr. Joanna Moody, Research Program Manager at MIT Energy Initiative’s Mobility Systems Center, discusses her research on the people’s mobility behavior in the US and the MENA regions and how different they are and her research survey on the so-called “Car Pride” across the US and the MENA countries and how […]

CEBC MENA Podcast: Alternative Fuels and Powertrains - MENA & USA

CEBC MENA · S2. Ep3: Alternative fuels and powertrains: MENA vs USA In this episode of the CEBC MENA Podcast, our guest speakers discuss the recent technological developments in new energy vehicles in the USA and the MENA regions, the impact of these technological advancements on the adoption rate of these new energy vehicles, the […]

CEBC MENA Podcast: Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transit & Shared Mobility in MENA and the USA

 In this episode, our guest experts discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the public transit and shared mobility sectors in both the MENA and the USA regions. They discuss the impact from different angels including the people’s mobility behaviour, role of the government policies, the role of technology and other interesting aspects. […]

CEBC MENA Podcast: Women in Clean Energy in MENA & the USA

In this episode, Dr. Rabia Ferroukhi of IRENA and Martha Broad of MIT Energy Initiative walk us through their personal career achievements, the challenges they faced as women in the clean energy sector and the work their organizations have been doing to encourage women to consider a career in the clean energy sector. Sustainable Development […]

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