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Economic Diversification in the GCC

Some countries in the GCC face a harsh economic outlook due to unemployment, high debt levels, and strained financial markets. In addition they face climate change and mounting geopolitical and security concerns. A need exists for inter-GCC dialogue and coordination with international partners like the US and the European Union.

Social Integration through Entrepreneurship

The MENA region face great challenges of social integration and economic diversification. The region hosts an unprecedented number of refugees. And while there are many entrepreneurship and livelihood programs in the region, there is a need for sustainable economic solutions for these marginalized communities.

Profits to Peace: The Role of Business in Promoting Positive Peace

The Middle East and North Africa region urgently needs ethical and sustainable solutions for the plethora of challenges it faces, including the pressure of displaced populations, growing unemployment, armed conflict, environmental concerns, and lack of food or water security. Multiple previous Hollings Center dialogue programs have noted the important need for sustainable economic growth and […]

Bridging the Disconnect between Education and the Economy

Six years following the onset of the global economic crisis of 2008, national economies have struggled to make up lost gains. Unemployment remains above pre-crisis levels in many countries, particularly among youth. Throughout Muslim-majority countries, such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, and Libya, the high rate of youth unemployment has led to multi-faceted negative consequences. For […]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Islam

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) becomes widespread practice around the world, there are many questions surrounding its implementation in Muslim-majority nations. How has CSR evolved in different Muslim-majority nations and throughout the world? How do Islamic banking and transactions play a role? Can CSR support employability efforts, entrepreneurship, and job creation? How can CSR activities […]

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