Debating International Relations in Central Asia

Earlier in 2020, the Hollings Center through its small grants program, co-sponsored a project with Crossroads Central Asia and experts Shairbek Dzhuraev and Eric McGlinchery. The purpose of the project was to contribute to an informed debate and dialogue on international relations in Central Asia, with a particular focus on evolving modes of engagement of major extra-regional powers, such as the USA, Russia, China or the EU with Central Asian states.

The project began with a workshop on March 4, 2020 co-hosted by the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek.  The workshop brought together regional and international experts to discuss the international relations of each Central Asian state as well as the policies of major international powers.  Following the workshop, some participants were asked to produce policy papers outlining elements of the discussion. For more information on the workshop, please see the Crossroads Central Asia web site.

The Center and the grantees are pleased to present these papers.

Policy Papers

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