Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin on U.S.-ASEAN Economic Relations

Desi Indrimayutri & Tina Jamaluddin discuss why the ASEAN region is important to the private sector and U.S. investment success stories.

Desi Indrimayutri is the US-ASEAN Business Council’s managing representative in Indonesia and its senior liaison with the Indonesian Government, the ASEAN Secretariat, the U.S. diplomatic presence in Indonesia and other key high-level stakeholders. The Council is focused on improving the business climate for U.S. investors while simultaneously promoting development in Southeast Asia. Having served as US-ASEAN Business Council’s primary liaison for corporate members in Indonesia to provide assistance and strategic advice to USABC member companies in order to resolve challenges in conducting business and their investments in Indonesia, she also managed relationship with the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta and was responsible for the Council’s involvement in ASEAN-wide initiatives. She leads all Council’s initiatives on Indonesia together with the Indonesia team in the regional office and Washington D.C., covering all sectors from manufacturing and infrastructure, health and life sciences, information, communication and technology, financial services, customs, fast moving consumer goods, foods and agriculture, defense and security as well as energy.

Tina Jamaluddin joined the US-ASEAN Business Council as senior country representative for Malaysia in March 2018. She is the Council’s country head and its senior liaison with the private sector, the Malaysian Government and the U.S. diplomatic presence in that country. Prior to joining the Council, Tina garnered over 20 years of cross functional experience from large organizations, SMEs, a global e-commerce start-up as well as stints with United Nations agencies and international consultancy companies where she dealt with both private sector and government agencies. The past three years has seen Tina gain extensive experience in e-commerce harnessing the power of technology to develop B2B and B2C channels to promote cross border trade, leveraging on the power of digital media to grow local brands.


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