Higher Education Policies and Overeducation in Turkey

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March 2016.

In Spring of 2015, the Hollings Center organized a conference entitled, Bridging the Disconnect Between Education and the Economy, exploring the breakdown between higher education and the labor market. Out of this conference, we supported a small grant for two participants to explore this phenomenon in greater depth in the context of Turkey and Iran. Dr. Nader Habibi, faculty of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies and the Department of Economics at Brandeis University, put out a report examining overeducation in Turkey as part of his ongoing research on the linkages between economies and education, and as a preliminary output of the small grant research. This report explores the economic and political factors that have led to increased supply and demand of higher education in Turkey, which resulted in unprecedented levels of underemployment of university graduates. A full report will be published in the coming months.

Read the preliminary report below.

[gview file=”https://www.hollingscenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/TurkeyOvereducationReport2016-Web-Version.pdf”]

Author: Jeffrey Treisbach