International Collaboration Among Journalists

Categories: Collective & Human Security Video

What are the common needs of journalists in different countries? Fatima Bahja, who has worked with journalists in many countries discusses success stories of cross-border collaboration.

Fatima Bahja is research & proposal coordinator of New Initiatives at the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). In this role, she is responsible for writing and preparing proposals, tracking new and existing grant opportunities, and managing research projects. She joined ICFJ because of her interest in empowering journalists to navigate a fast-changing field and tell credible and important stories. She helped launch ICFJ’s first-ever global study on the adoption of new technologies by journalists and newsrooms. Bahja has an MA in Communication, Culture & Technology and a BS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She is interested in the role of digital media in shaping political and cultural discourse. During her graduate career, she published a study on the New York Times’ use of citizen journalism and new media to frame the coverage of the Syrian Civil War. She is from Lebanon, and speaks Arabic and English fluently. Follow her at @FatimaBahja on Twitter.

Author: Michael Carroll