Passing of Amb. Nicholas Veliotes

Ambassador Nicholas Veliotes (1928-2024)

Amb. Nicholas Veliotes

Ambassador Nicholas Veliotes, a distinguished diplomat who served his country with honor and dedication, passed away on May 14, 2024 at the age of 95. With a career spanning over three decades in the U.S. Foreign Service, Ambassador Veliotes held key positions including U.S. Ambassador to Jordan and Egypt, where he played pivotal roles in shaping American foreign policy in the Middle East. Known for his wisdom, integrity, and unwavering commitment to diplomacy, he leaves behind a legacy of significant contributions to international relations and a world more connected through his efforts. He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, and colleagues.

Ambassador Veliotes remained deeply committed to fostering dialogue and understanding. He served as the Center’s inaugural Chair from 2005 – 2017.  Under his leadership, the Center assembled its Board of Directors, oversaw its establishment in Washington and Istanbul, and helped push for the establishment of the Palazzo Corpi as the Center’s headquarters in Türkiye. During his tenure, the Center developed many of the key programs it features today, including the Hollings Center’s signature dialogue conferences and the small grants program.  Through both good and challenging times, he provided sage advice and steady leadership.

As an active member, he championed initiatives that brought together experts, policymakers, and leaders from diverse backgrounds to address pressing global issues and build bridges of communication and cooperation. His passion for promoting mutual respect and collaborative problem-solving was evident in his contributions to the Center’s mission, leaving an indelible mark on its efforts to enhance intercultural dialogue and international peace.

Additional details about the life of Amb. Veliotes can be found in the Washington Post.


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