Podcast: The Covid-19 and Political Transition in Kyrgyzstan

Categories: Central Asia Papers,Hollings Highlights,Regional Policy Video

This program is the second in a series of podcasts on Central Asian international relations that aims to discuss key events and developments in the region and in its engagement with the world.  The podcast is part of a project by Dr. Eric McGlinchey and Dr. Shairbek Dzhuraev on debating the region’s relationships.  The podcast was part of a small grant project funded by the Hollings Center Small Grants program.

The podcast discusses the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kyrgyzstan and its impact on the ongoing political transition in the country.


  • Dr Andy Kuchins, American University of Central Asia
  • Dr Eric McGlinchey, George Mason University, USA
  • Dr Shairbek Dzhuraev, Crossroads Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan

Author: Michael Carroll