Public-Private Sector Relations in Smart Cities

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Raafat Radwan discusses some of the challenges to building better relationships between the public and private sector, highlighting the importance in building trust to smart city development.

Raafat Radwan is a national, regional and international consultant with more than 40 years of career experience in both the public sector and as a consultant in different areas including public and business administration, strategic planning, business process re-engineering, policy and reform strategies, education and training, human resources development, risk and crisis management, international cooperation and trade, digital transformation and using ICT for competitiveness and development. Radwan is a co-founder of the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC), and acted as executive director and chairman for the center between 1996 and 2005. During his chairmanship, he founded the E-Business Institute, the National Center for Future Studies, and the first electronic poll center. He initiated the National Center for Intellectual Property as an NGO to help promote the IP culture in Egypt. He launched many innovative and far reaching initiatives including: the eGovernment initiative, the eCommerce initiative and the Cashless Society initiative. In the meantime, IDSC continued to contribute to the modernization of most of the ministries, public authorities and organizations through the use of ICT. He managed more than 30 projects in most of the ministers and large corporations in Egypt and other Arab countries. Radwan was also a member of the Digital Opportunity Task Force (DOT Force) organized by the G8 countries to bridge the digital divide between South and North. Also, he has been selected by the UN to represent the African continent at the UN ICT Taskforce. He served as a member of the SCIT at the World Intellectual Propriety Organization (WIPO). He is also a member of the taskforce that developed the “Africa Information Society Initiative” that has been adopted by all African countries. Radwan, has published 15 books in Arabic and more than 700 articles. He is currently a lecturer at the American University in Cairo (AUC).

Author: Michael Carroll