What is Smart Transportation?

Categories: Resource Resiliency Video,Responsible Business Video

Jane Macfarlane discusses how transportation in urban environments has reached a tipping point. She highlights the types of data being collected and how it could be better used for active control across entire networks. She discusses ongoing research on how to design smart transportation systems.

Jane Macfarlane has been a pioneer in applying advanced computing technology to complex real-world problems for many years. She has focused on large-scale, multi-faceted problems associated with scientific analysis, mobile services/telematics, geographic information systems, software architectures and business process management across many different industrial sectors. With a passion for developing unique algorithmic solutions to large-scale data analytics needs, her background has given her a superior command and intuition for the rapidly emerging area of big data analytics. With a PhD in the application of artificial intelligence to dynamic systems, she has a unique set of skills that allow her to bring an informed and realistic approach to the challenges that the exponentially increasing pace of technology development is creating. This pace of change is creating new trends that are driving change faster that our ability to react to it and is stressing and disrupting businesses and government systems alike. With the ability to master both the business perspective and the technology perspective, Dr. Macfarlane has risen not only as a thought leader and scientific manager but also as an innovator.

Author: Michael Carroll